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Teen holiday workshop

Our teenage sessions can make a real difference to teens searching for self identity amid the stressors of modern day life. Dealing with peer pressure, relationship issues, school and family life can cause anxiety and stress. A few hours away from technology in nature can help ease stress and anxiety and give new perspective on life.

Horses are sensitive, wise and powerful beings, and working closely with them and allowing them to provide nonjudgmental feedback on teens’ behaviours and attitudes can actually help teens to become more self aware, confident and assertive.

Often, after working with the horses, teens find that they have natural abilities and strengths they were not aware they possessed. They can then use that newfound empowerment to regain agency in their lives and feel more relaxed, confident, and positive about their way forward on their life path.

The Teen workshop involves working with the horses on the ground, practicing mindfulness and stress reduction techniques, and art activities.

These sessions are limited to 6 participants. The cost is $60 per teen and is payable in full at time of booking.

Morning tea provided. NDIS clients welcome call me to book.


Friday 16th December2022 9am-11am

Friday 13th January2023  9am-11am 

Call/Message Jen Chester 0408 870 990  to book.

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