Thank you Jen for the equine and art therapy for my children. The two sessions they had have really made a difference to their behaviour and attitudes. I look forward to further sessions in the near future.


Thanks so much to you, Sharon, Gypsy, Alfie and Dolly for your presence. The experience of being as I am and having the big animal bodies respond was filled with organic and living wisdom . I know things in me from this exchange. My stories and meaning making can be activating and unclear. When I pause and allow what is then there is the permission for what's needed to arrive. My take home for this is ...a quiet inner sanctuary, play, be with what is, connect, listen, attune to now and trust what next will arrive. Thanks this is beautiful work.

GC (Professional)

Thank you Jen I am feeling good and with some new perspective. Thanks to both of you and the horses for your workshop yesterday.


Jen Chester and ETA helped my young son to regain his confidence after a traumatic year at school.


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