The Basics of Art Therapy

A 4 day course for professionals


This experiential short course if designed for professionals who want to use Art Therapy techniques safely within their current therapeutic practice. A minimum qualification of a Diploma of Counselling is required to register for the course.

The course will be delivered in person only as there is a  practical requirement of a dyad session with a fellow student as client and myself as witness. 

Art therapy is not just a collection of techniques, but a planned intervention which attempts to create a safe environment for the client to express themselves.

Art therapy draws on transpersonal psychology, psychodynamic theory, Jungian analytical psychology, cognitive and humanistic psychotherapies for its theoretical framework. It incorporates concepts about creativity as well as a range of contemporary therapeutic approaches and methods.

This short course is an introduction to the different qualities of art materials and their therapeutic use, it will also provide a solid understanding of Art Therapy techniques and the theories that underpin them and will give everyone an experience of facilitating a session and experience as an Art Therapy client.

You will receive a certificate of completion of the course and it can be claimed as CPD.

When: 1-4 April 9.30-4.30

Where: 12-20 Teal Court, Tamborine Village.

Cost: $640 for 4 days. Deposit of $64 required at time of booking. (10% discount if booked and paid in full by 4th March $576)

Limited to 6 participants.

Jen Chester is an experienced Arts Therapist, having worked in clinical practice and also lectured in Arts Therapy at the Ikon Institute for 7 years at Advanced Diploma, Graduate Diploma and Bachelor levels.