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Day Retreats

We invite you to organise and book a day retreat designed specifically to meet the needs of your group. Whether it is for team building at work, a mothers escape for the day, mothers and daughters/sons, fathers and daughters/sons, celebration day, or just to experience something different with a group of friends in nature, the EAP/Art Therapy experience is a wonderful way to relax, bond and deepen relationships.​

At Equilibrium Therapies Australia, we assist people to step into the fullness of who they are and live more authentically.

Our retreat programs offer opportunities to enhance your communication skills and provide the tools that will help increase your emotional intelligence and deepen your personal growth as well as connect you to your spirituality.

You will feel supported, encouraged, and equipped to develop the self-belief to follow your dreams and lead a more creative life.

Your individual program will be designed to ensure each participant emerges with a rich learning experience according to the goals of the group. 


Our Day Retreats start at 9.30am and finish at 3.30pm, $180 includes all of the activities for the day as well as morning tea and lunch.

Our Day Retreats include equine assisted therapy, art therapy and much more.

Limited to 8 participants. Call Jen on 0408 870 990 to book.

Call to book a personalised retreat for your employees, friends or relatives.

0408 870 990

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