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Working with Intention

We have all read posts and blogs about how our thoughts direct our life, negative thoughts will lead us into a downward spiral and positive will lead us into a rosy future where all is wonderful. The reality is that is this were true we would all be living in Utopia. Life will constantly challenge us, test us and check in with us. Is this really your path? What is your motivation? How much do you want this? We will often come to forks in the road, or crossroads and be unsure of which path to take.

When we work with Intention we can create a framework around which to plan our steps, and help make decisions, and keep us on track.

Working through Art Therapy and with the horses can depth us into this work, we can check in with our authentic self and clear negative thought patterns that create the road blocks that we have to negotiate along the way.

Our next workshop/retreat is on this theme, you will have the opportunity to work with your intention through art making and time with the horses to help you on the path to embody this intention into your reality.

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