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The new boy

When I first saw Banjo out in the back paddock he was with around 25 Standardbred ex racing horses that have been put out there to live out their days in retirement. There was something about this boy, for a start he looked too young to be retired, but he had such a lovely kind eye and I sensed that he was a horse that got on well with the others, there was a peacefulness about him that drew me to him. So I went up to him one day, no problems, he let me touch him and he was curious about me, he looked sound and healthy apart from neglected hooves. My gut instinct told me that he would make a really good therapy horse and fit with the team that we work with so I contacted the owner, yes he was for sale, he had been ridden, even better.

Our trainer Larry from L&L Horse help came out and rode him and declared him safe so I went ahead and purchased him. His hooves were trimmed, his teeth filed, Hendra shots done and training with Larry continued. .I introduced him slowly to the team, leaving him in an adjoining paddock for a couple of weeks, then he joined the herd.

He has now become an integral part of the team, often playing the jester, but also able to quietly hold space for clients if this is what they need. I'm so happy I followed my intuition!

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