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Jen Chester

Masters of Mental Health(UQ)/AThR(ANZACATA),

B.Psych.Science.,Dip Transpersonal Art Therapy,

Equine Assisted Therapy Australia training

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Jen was born in the UK, and relocated to Australia in her 20's. She is a qualified Expressive Arts Therapist and Equine Assisted Psychotherapist, and lectured in Expressive Arts Psychotherapy at the Ikon Institute in Brisbane for 8 years.

Jen is mother of 2 adult children, and started on the path to becoming a therapist as she went through her own 'empty nest' crisis. She has worked as a youth worker with teenage boys in residential care, and has lived experience of dealing with PTSD and addiction issues within close relationships. She works with clients of all ages, but finds that working with the child at risk of becoming the disengaged teenager is the most fulfilling. 

Both Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Expressive Arts Psychotherapy are trauma informed experiential forms of therapy that can help develop new neural pathways to facilitate behavioural and cognitive change. Together they create a powerful process to enable transformation.

Sessions are offered at Tamborine Village in either single modality or a combination of both.

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Brittany Sabat


“I will laugh with you, dance with you and cry with you, until all of you can become one with you.” Brittany Sabat

Brittany is a qualified Mental Health Practitioner specialising in Equine Assisted Therapy. Brittany draws upon Gestalt, Art Therapy and is trauma informed. Brittany has worked in the community as youth worker and case manager supporting some of the community’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable young people and elderly. Brittany’s genuine nature and authentic heart for people allows her to hold space and empower individuals to build self awareness, courage and confidence.  ​

Brittany specialises in providing support to young people, men and women living with depression and anxiety. Brittany’s heart is for individuals who have lived through bullying, domestic violence, or felt the need to live life quietly so as not to aggravate the world. Brittany’s hope is to encourage, empower and support individuals through the healing process to a greater understanding and awareness of self and self in connection with others. Brittany has a multi cultural background and experienced racism, bullying and low self esteem. Her first horse, Clarity, helped her overcome and heal from her own personal traumas, enlightening her to the power of the horse and it’s ability to support the healing process. Brittany will challenge you as your counselling relationship grows with herself and her equine and animal partners.

Expressive Arts Therapies


The Expressive arts therapies are a form of psychotherapy utilising creative modalities, including visual art-making, music, drama, and dance/movement and sand tray within a therapeutic relationship to improve and inform physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Equine Assisted Therapy

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is a trauma informed modality in which a qualified mental health professional works with the client/s and one or more therapeutic horses. Through grooming, leading or just being with the horse, clients are supported and guided in learning more about themselves, working through difficulties, and improving communication and relationship skills.


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