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What is equine assisted therapy?

This modality is still relatively in its infancy in Australia, although in the US, Canada and UK it has been a well accepted, researched and documented form of therapy for many years. It has two sub categories, Equine Assisted Mental Health and Equine Assisted Learning.

At Equilibrium Therapies my focus is on Equine Assisted Mental Health, although of course new learning will happen through the therapeutic process. This is a healing treatment that combines credentialed mental health professionals and one or more therapeutic horses. Through being with the horse, grooming the horse or other beneficial activities, clients are supported and guided in learning more about themselves, working through difficulties, and improving communication and relationship skills.

As an arts therapist I have long been using the triangular relationship in therapy, that is, the relationship between the client, therapist and artwork/modality. In EAT the horse/s takes that third role, reflecting back to the client or validating their feelings. Horses live in the moment, and they ask us to be fully present with them in session, get out of our stories and into our body and emotions. To find out more please come along to one of our free open days this week, either Friday 8th or Saturday 9th February 10am-12pm at 1-81 Plunkett Road, Tamborine. Book your place via Eventbrite:

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