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How can Equine Assisted Therapy help my child?

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Our children today are under more pressure than ever, from keeping up with school, and family obligations to body image, difficult relationships, peer and social media pressure, depression and anxiety issues.Ou

Horses are powerful beings, and they are also beautiful and wise and they act as a mirror for our behaviours. Working closely with them and allowing them to provide nonjudgmental feedback on behaviours and attitudes can actually help children to become aware of their beliefs about themselves and the world, their reactions and behaviours, and the habits they have formed as a result.

Often, after working with the horses, children find that they have natural abilities and strengths they were not aware they possessed. They can then use that newfound empowerment to regain agency in their lives and feel more relaxed, confident, and positive about their way forward in the world.

The sessions run over six weeks and each session lasts 90 mins and involves working with the horses on the ground, learning new life skills, practicing mindfulness and stress reduction techniques, art activities and much more. Individual needs and goals are taken into account when placing participants. Teens group starts this Wednesday the 20th and primary school age next week on Thursday 28th.

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