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Back to school blues

Going back to a new school year can be daunting for some students, new teachers, new class groups, some children cope better with change than others.

Equilibrium Therapies runs two after school groups that can help with the transition and any anxiety and stress that has arisen. Both groups include a blend of Arts Therapies and Equine Assisted Therapy.

Teen group is Wednesday afternoons. Our teenage sessions can make a real difference to teens searching for themselves amid the chaos of life today, coping with social and school pressures.

Often, after working with the horses, teens find that they have natural abilities and strengths they were not aware they possessed. They can then use that newfound empowerment to regain agency in their lives and feel more relaxed, confident, and positive about their way forward.

Kids club for juniors is on Thursday afternoons, this is a great opportunity for primary school age children to:

  • Boost Confidence

  • Increase Self Esteem

  • Learn Social Skills

  • Understand the impact they have on others

For more information visit this link to programs page:

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