Banjo was my first therapy horse, in fact the first horse that I have ever owned despite pestering my parents constantly for a pony when I was a young girl. About one year later I was offered Zen, how could I resist this majestic  Appaloosa with the eyes of an old soul? They became my team, each having very different personalities and each relating to clients in different ways. 

Now I have a herd of three, with the latest addition of Jack Sparrow, a dark Appaloosa, a little smaller than the other two, with a different personality again. All three are well suited to this work, love interactions with humans and are very gentle with children.

Meet the herd



Banjo is a 12 year old 15hand Standardbred horse, so he was bred for harness racing, but according to his freeze brand has never raced. He was probably a little slow, as he likes move in his own time :)

He has big boundaries, but doesn't always respect others, he is playful and cheeky, whenever anything is pushed over in the paddock I know that he's been up to his tricks. I have found Banjo to be particularly responsive to males, he is the Yang energy of the herd.

He is happy to take second or third place in the herd order, accepting that Zen is his boss, happy to be a follower and not wanting to be a leader.


Zen is a 20 year old 15 hand Appaloosa 

(he hides his spots in winter but they stand out in summer!). He is a born leader, he is strong and assertive, but also sensitive, gentle and loving. He has the Yin energy of the herd. I couldn't resist taking in this boy who wasn't suited to his previous owners' needs, and had already been through many owners and deemed unsuitable as he wasn't able to be ridden. He even ended up in the doggers yard at one stage! He has a huge heart and huge personality, is an excellent therapy partner being very patient and sensitive to the needs of clients. 


Jack Sparrow

Jack is an 18 year old 14 hand black Appaloosa.

As he is relatively new to the team I am still working out his personality, but watching him in the herd I see him as respectful of others, but quietly assertive to get his needs met, he has strong boundaries, but is also respectful of those of others. He's a calm boy, not much phases him, the others will jump at a loud noise, he just keeps on eating.

He loves people, and I find it sad that he has previously been put out to pasture as a companion horse when he loves attention. 

He will certainly get a lot of that here!