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Find your mojo!

I was once quite a prolific artist, selling work and never happier than when dabbling in paint. Years of intense study dulled my creative spark and I found I had neither the will nor the ability to produce anything other than random journal work (which is still an important process as a therapist!).

However, since studying Equine Assisted Therapy and working with the beautiful rescue horses at Storm's Sanctuary I have rediscovered my passion and love for painting. These beautiful creatures are such an inspiration, their souls shine and their eyes tell their stories. I have rediscovered my mojo and I would love to share this with you in a series of workshops we call 'Painting in the paddock'.

Starting on March 23rd, the first session focusses on our heavy horses, Rupert and Daley. Sharon will tell their story and you will be guided in a process to paint on canvas one of these handsome boys, everyone will develop their unique style, there is no right or wrong, just a process of experimental fun in a beautiful tranquil setting!

For more info please check out my website at :

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